Last October, I wrote:

Looking at the numbers in the PG17 cycle so far, even though they are much lower than the 2023-03 commitfest, we can expect that PG17 will have more activity in total than previous development cycles.

And now it’s time to count up the score. The final per-commitfest numbers of committed patches were:

PG17 2023-07 2023-09 2023-11 2024-01 2024-03

The 01 and 03 numbers are all-time highs for their respective months.

The total numbers of committed patches registered in a commitfest for a development cycle were:

PG12 319
PG13 277
PG14 360
PG15 349
PG16 433
PG17 450

So this went pretty much as I had suspected back in October.

Of course, some people aren’t happy with the last minute rush. We can see how commit activity peaked in the last week (keeping in mind that 2024-04-08 was feature freeze):

git log --since='2024-03-01' --until='2024-04-09' --format='%cd' --date='format:%V' master | sort | uniq -c

     82 10   # week starting 2024-03-04
     82 11   # week starting 2024-03-11
     73 12   # week starting 2024-03-18
     72 13   # week starting 2024-03-25
    123 14   # week starting 2024-04-01

I look forward to checking how that works out when we look at the final release statistics such as number of release note items and number of contributors.