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SGML Spell-Checker by petere

SGML spell-checking package


This package includes a couple of tools that you can use to automatically spell-check your SGML (or XML) documents. One of the advantages of this tool over some other SGML-aware spell checkers is that it scans your documents in the form in which the SGML parser actually sees it, which means it is not line-based, system entities are resolved, marked sections are treated appropriately, etc.

Also, this tool can be made aware of particular DTDs, in the sense that it knows not to spell-check the content of elements that do not represent human-language text, such as <programlisting> in DocBook. An exclusion list for the DocBook DTD is included, others can be added trivially.


The original motivation of this package was that I wanted a way to spell-check the PostgreSQL documentation automatically. Right now, this program runs regularly over the PostgreSQL documentation and makes the results available online.


Peter Eisentraut (


You can download this project from the download area. Look into the README file inside the tarball for installation instructions. A Debian package is also available.